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12:17 Closed ticket [3a3a135cf6]: Pattern matching in defmulti plus 3 other changes artifact: 07a441ad75 user: robin.hansen
Add support for pattern matching in multiwords. Fixes [3a3a135cf6]. check-in: 5738ada043 user: robin.hansen tags: trunk
07:08 New ticket [3a3a135cf6] Pattern matching in defmulti. artifact: fb351524e6 user: robin.hansen

Ticket UUID: 3a3a135cf696085fbbe20eec8afb161200e21032
Title: Pattern matching in defmulti
Status: Closed Type: Feature
Severity: Severe System: Compiler
Resolution: Fixed Modified: 2020-05-22 12:17:25
User Comments:
robin.hansen added on 2020-05-01 07:08:55:
We can currently implement different actions based on the type of a stack element using multiwords (defmulti), but we also need to support pattern matching for stuff like converting integers to booleans (wasm doesn't have a boolean type).